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Modern Hacienda Furnished with LA Venetian Plaster

This contemporary hacienda located in the most exclusive ridge in Hollywood Hills is furnished with beautiful LA Venetian Plaster. Designed by Brett Barrett, the house offers astonishing views from the downtown to the Pacific. Mainly built with wood, granite, floor... Read More

Celebrity Crib in LA Features Venetian Plaster

This impressive residence located in Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles has it all: a huge pool, large windows, modern furniture, incredible vistas and Venetian plaster treated walls. Thus we consider it to be a quintessential celebrity crib. Developed by the high... Read More

Simple and Rustic Haus Wiesenhof

Designed to become a place for peace and contemplation, this cozy weekend residence named Haus Wiesenhof boasts its relaxing panoramic views and minimalist design. Located in St. Johann in Tirol Austria, the house is distinguished by its rustic simplicity and... Read More

5 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas – Venetian Plaster

Country kitchen designs evolve in the concept of comfort, cozy and rustic ambiance. Its the type of kitchen where you always want to invite family and friends to host and entertain on special occasions. The best country-inspired spaces has balance... Read More

Modern Family House in California: OZ House

Situated in Silicon Valley, California, the OZ Residence is a place designed to cater to a growing family of four – a couple together with their two young children. Designed by Swatt Miers Architects, the house is comprised of a... Read More

5 Stunning Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most special areas at home where one can have privacy, rest, and do some personal stuff. Designing your own bedroom could be a very challenging task but at the same time it gives you... Read More

5 Stunning Ways To Redo Your Kitchen Backsplash

Designing the kitchen backsplash requires one to consider the durability and aesthetics of the material used. Playing with different colors, textures and patterns could be a great way to showcase the beauty of the area. Here, we compiled 5 ways... Read More

10 Impressive Geometric Walls for the Modern Home

Transforming your wall into an eye-catching, interesting focal point of the room does not require loads of complicated designs. Recently, geometric prints made of venetian plaster, and the ones with rich tones and accent pieces are taking over the design... Read More

10 Fresh Ideas to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

Picking the right color for bathrooms does not always mean sticking to the neutral shades. Here are ten ideas on how to add a pop of color into your bathroom design to give it a fresh modern look. 1. Use... Read More

Stunning Concrete Interior Design Ideas

The use of concrete for interior design is gaining popularity recently. This material is versatile and gives an industrial look and feel to a modern home. Many designers use simple concrete material in unusual ways giving an impressive impact to... Read More