Designing the kitchen backsplash requires one to consider the durability and aesthetics of the material used. Playing with different colors, textures and patterns could be a great way to showcase the beauty of the area. Here, we compiled 5 ways to redo your kitchen backsplash to give your space a modern and fresh look without having to spend so much.

1.Apply Venetian Plaster
Give your kitchen backsplash a posh look by furnishing it with Venetian Plaster. Aside from wonderful colors and stensils to choose from, they actually work well in surfaces that will get wet. The Venetian Plaster can tolerate rising damp and allows water that is absorbed into the plaster to quickly evaporate.


2.Coat with Paint
One of the easiest and cheapest way to transform a space and give it a new look is to coat it with paint. Paint is versatile enough to work on a variety of materials, ranging from wood to tile to glass. The trick is just to stick to one or two shades and work on the rest of the design around that.


3.Tin it Up
Unlike plaster and paint, tin offers detailed imprint designs on it so make sure to use it in moderation. It is best used in areas where you want to draw more attention and make it the focal point of your design.



4.Warm Up With Beadboard
A beadboard backsplash creates that easy “down home” aesthetic to the space giving you that cozy country kitchen feel.




5.Mirror Tricks
Aside from making the space look even larger than its actual size, a mirrored backsplash could give a sleek and modern feel to your kitchen space.