Picking the right color for bathrooms does not always mean sticking to the neutral shades. Here are ten ideas on how to add a pop of color into your bathroom design to give it a fresh modern look.

1. Use Venetian Plaster for an Accent Wall

Make one wall the showpiece of the entire bathroom by furnishing it with Venetian Plaster. Aside from wonderful colors to choose from, they actually work well in surfaces that will get wet. The Venetian Plaster can tolerate rising damp and allows water that is absorbed into the plaster to quickly evaporate. The trick is to choose the wall that is positioned directly across your door.


2. Prime with Paint
Painting your bathroom walls would not only add color to your space but it is also considered as the simplest and cheapest way to liven up your bathroom. It is best to choose a primary shade first then working out the rest of the design around it.



2.Choose Colorful Tiles
Draw attention to the focal point of your bathroom by using colorful tiles. Although you want to achieve a vibrant look, the keep is to keep everything in the same tone as much as you can.



3.Invest in the Tub
Aside from color, choosing the perfect bathtub for your bathroom space requires much attention to its quality and functionality. Shaded tubs have become a trend recently but whichever color you choose, make sure you will be happy with it for the longest time.


4.Add a Pop of Color to Your Vanity
You have two options to add color to a vanity, either you add color to the the top or the base. The reason for this is to simply add a pop of color to the area while keeping the other surface neutral for balance.


6.Opt for Colorful Towels
Tired of seeing the classic all-white towels? Try using ones that would complement your bathroom shades. Aside from its functionality, towels are one of the most inexpensive decoration you could have for your bathroom space.



7.Try Colorful Floor Coverings
Aside from colorful towels, you can also use bath mats and rugs that would add a pop of color to your space. Just make sure it would complement to the main shades of the room to achieve a cohesive look.


8.Decorate Minimally
Since bathroom spaces are naturally smaller than the other rooms in the house, you can put minimal but colorful and well-placed decorations in it.



9.Hang Vibrant Wall Art
If you don’t want to make use of colorful Venetian Plaster finish in your bathroom walls, then try hanging a vibrant wall art instead. The trick is to pull together a neutral wall combined with the pop of color, the wall art would bring.


10.Decorate with Plants
When it comes to decorating bathrooms, you can never go wrong with placing a plant or two. It could be real, synthetic, colorful or just plain green, placing it in an area with a strong focal point would always be a refreshing attraction.