Transforming your wall into an eye-catching, interesting focal point of the room does not require loads of complicated designs. Recently, geometric prints made of venetian plaster, and the ones with rich tones and accent pieces are taking over the design world. Check out these 10 geometric wall designs and be impressed.


1. Muted Venetian Plaster Wall
Choose muted Venetian plaster colors such as soft blues and subtle clouds to give a light feeling in the room.


2. Mossy Tones
Pair vibrant colors with natural hues to soften the bold lines and angles of the geometric design.


3. Cool Pastels
A palette of soft blues and purples can give a soothing effect on the space.


4. Dynamic Materials
To have a more visually appealing wall, you can combine materials such as paint, wood and metallic accents.


5.Mixed Media
Hang a gallery wall of geometric design in case you are still doubtful to make it permanent.


6. Triangle Tessellation
Try to combine triangles in different sizes and colors to create an interesting wall mural.


7. Graphic Posters
Geometry in frames.


8. Faux Angle
The staircase gives the right angle to create the diagonal aesthetic of this space.


9. Neon Tiles
Dare to be vibrant. Use neon colors that blend with each other.


10. Peel-Off Patterns
Try to make use of these adhesive triangles which you can easily peel off if you want to change your design.