The bedroom is one of the most special areas at home where one can have privacy, rest, and do some personal stuff. Designing your own bedroom could be a very challenging task but at the same time it gives you the chance to follow your heart’s content from choosing the right color to the little details. Here we compiled 5 design ideas for you get inspired!

The Venetian Plaster Effect

Recently, Venetian plaster has become one of the most popular wall finish in the market. This type of wall finishing that is made from marble dust and slaked lime. Designers for modern homes prefer to utilize Venetian plaster more as compared to drywall and vinyl because of its durable and versatile properties. It is mostly used in areas like bathrooms and kitchen because it can tolerate rising damp and allows water that is absorbed into the plaster to quickly evaporate. But who says it can’t be used in bedrooms as well? If you want your bedroom to have a sultry look, then try combining Venetian inspired window treatments with Venetian plaster finishes.





Multi-Purpose Design

Investing in a multi-purpose design concept would a a great option specially for designing a room for teens. A multi-purpose design is simply the concept of combining functionality with fresh and modern twists. This design is versatile enough to be used as a sleep/study/social lounge area which is adaptable to any transition. All you need is to explore endless options!




Black and White

Simplicity is beauty. When it comes to bedroom designs, combining black and white will create that effortless yet contemporary look to the space. The trick is to choose minimal furnishings with just select pops of color to pull out that one of a kind design.





Glam It Up

Glamming up your bedroom does not mean putting up different things together and end up with a cluttered space. The trick is to choose select right elements to combine to create that dramatic effect.



Mid-Century Feels

To give a modern bedroom that mid-century look, start by incorporating furnishings and pieces that have clean lines of rosewood, oak, walnut and teak. This look is uses mostly elements found in nature so be sure to compose the overall design with that in mind.