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Belgian Beach House with Venetian Plaster Treated Walls

This residence located in Knokke Belgium has a fresh take on casual decor and features Venetian plaster treated walls in most of its interiors. The house’s beautiful square-paneled windows and sharped-edged wooden cabinets are contrasted with round edged pieces. Just’In... Read More

The Ultimate Dream Bedroom in Hollywood Hills LA

Situated in the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the Rising Glen House highlights its master bedroom as the ultimate dream bedroom one would never want to leave. Designed by MSP Design Development’s Project, the residence is comprised mainly of wood... Read More

5 Stunning Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most special areas at home where one can have privacy, rest, and do some personal stuff. Designing your own bedroom could be a very challenging task but at the same time it gives you... Read More