This residence located in Knokke Belgium has a fresh take on casual decor and features Venetian plaster treated walls in most of its interiors. The house’s beautiful square-paneled windows and sharped-edged wooden cabinets are contrasted with round edged pieces.


Just’In Home team decorated the house with circle-top tables and circularly-shaped sitting chairs in the living room. Above the dining table hangs beautiful woven light fixtures while the walls are adorned with a minimalist cube art contrasting the pear shaped lights.



Striking asymmetric dividers are strategically placed in the kitchen and living spaces which are perfect to display a minimal amount of books, photos, and other cool finds. The sleeping, living and dining spaces are furnished with Venetian plaster walls, unvarnished wooden floors and woven carpets which gives a cool and natural vibe.






Spacious and laid back, this Belgian Beach house could give you a comfortable, casual, summery feel even on the ordinary days.