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Rustic Home in Spain Uses Venetian Plaster

Located in the rural village of Sant Mori, Spain, this traditional summer house was remodeled to create a rustic residence which would be practical for a small family to live in all year round. Designed by Mesura firm, the house’s... Read More

Mirrors Bring Illusion of Space to This Transitional Apartment in Barcelona

Situated in Placa Catalunya in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, this transitional apartment has the best balcony view of the city’s multifaceted beauty. Developed by Nook Architects, the project was designed to have a spacious dwelling for the main occupant... Read More

Belgian Beach House with Venetian Plaster Treated Walls

This residence located in Knokke Belgium has a fresh take on casual decor and features Venetian plaster treated walls in most of its interiors. The house’s beautiful square-paneled windows and sharped-edged wooden cabinets are contrasted with round edged pieces. Just’In... Read More

5 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas – Venetian Plaster

Country kitchen designs evolve in the concept of comfort, cozy and rustic ambiance. Its the type of kitchen where you always want to invite family and friends to host and entertain on special occasions. The best country-inspired spaces has balance... Read More

4 Color Ideas for Decorating Kitchen with Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is one of the most suitable design to apply in areas prone to getting wet most especially the kitchen. Its warm, earthy appeal adds texture and variety to the kitchen surface because it has characteristics similar to stone... Read More